Stress Less Education = High GPA

Ever wondered how you can achieve a good GPA of 4.0, even while you are not so stressed with your learning pattern? We do have an answer for this, the course IACG offers you Intermediate in Computer Graphics Skill based workshops, Fun based learning, and assessments to carve out your innate talent.

Students who wish to stand out from the crowd and achieve something different are confused about choosing the right course. They do not want to lose the race to achieve a good grade in their studies and yet wish to achieve what others have not. This demand motivated us to create a one of its kind course in computer graphics and animation.

Have you thought of learning something else at your 10+2 that adds value to your profile and also provides a certificate. Imagine learning new methods of painting, peeking into the world of digital marketing, or having hands -on experience with AI applications. Consider it done, as we have a basket full of handpicked workshops awaiting you to participate in. And this is what we call the modern and decent way of learning.

IACG’ well defined structure begins with understanding the needs of the student to analyse the learning capabilities; from fine tuning their innate expertise to letting them execute their experience; and from providing them with a bundle of options to supporting them to reach their dream destination.

So, earning a good GPA while you enjoy your learning is not an impossible task anymore. You just have to approach us, and we have a platter full of options for you. For students who seek to have fun-filled professional learning experiences, IACG is the one stop solution.

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