IACG’s approach has always been student-centered, thus we provide Study Abroad Services for students along with a wide range of services. Starting with SAT and IELTS preparation classes and continuing with a well-crafted career evaluation. From advising them about various career alternatives to assisting them in making a decision and then preparing them to achieve the same. IACG serves a student with all of its love and dedication, from developing their talents to helping them construct a great profile and getting them to their desired location.


We at IACG assist our students get ready for the exams needed for their studies abroad. For SAT exam, we train them in getting a good score which helps them in receiving good scholarships and admission at top universities and schools.


International English Proficiency Test is a mandatory English test for those who aspire to study, work or migrate to a foreign nation. We assist students in getting a good band and in building their profile aiming admission at top universities.

Career Guidance

Career Guidance is essential for students, particularly those in higher grades who are on the verge of choosing a new stream or specialisation, since it assists them in selecting the stream based on their personality, interest, values and skills.

Test Preparation

We at IACG assist our students get ready for the exams needed for their studies at national and international level. Along with SAT and IELTS, we also mentor our students in attempting inter competitive exams which adds to their profile.

Skill Enhancement

We at IACG help our students get trained in various skill development programmes by offering various certifications and workshops that enhance a student's existing skill set while also allowing them to learn new things on a regular basis.

Profile Building

We at IACG assist our students in building their profiles by mentoring them in global educational entrance tests, inter competitive exams ,and also providing them with various workshops and certifications along with their regular subjects.

Overseas Admission

We at IACG assist our students for their global education by providing assistance in the overseas admission process through shortlisting top universities, preparing documentation and processing visas.

Accommodation Abroad

We at IACG assist our students with a knowledge on how to choose from ON Campus, OFF Campus & Accommodation with local families, which makes their living a merrier experience.

Financial Aid
For Students

We at IACG assist our students to understand the process of going with a financial aid (Education Loan) & till submission of the required documents, when applying for a loan.
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