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Career Guidance


Career Guidance

Many Indian parents or students find it difficult to opt for a career path other than the traditional ones like engineering and medicine, due to which, the students miss the opportunity to launch their dream careers. We at IACG support our students by studying their personalities, assisting them in analyzing their passions uncovering a wide range of opportunities, and locating the best universities or institutions depending on their profile for their graduation overseas or nationwide. Career Guidance is very much essential for students to choose the right career path. A career guide makes a student understand their horizons by making them aware of several career options. A competent career counselor provides career guidance in a safe setting where the client feels comfortable talking about personal matters under conditions of mutual trust and confidence

Career Assessment Test

IACG assists its students in determining their career paths by offering a Career Assessment Test, which is a software-generated test that generates a list of career options that may be an appropriate fit for their personality, skills, values, interests, and their learning styles.

A Two Step Process

Career Assessment

Psychometric Career Assessment to
determine the best career path.

Career Counselling

Analyzing the report and
choosing the most suitable career path



On the Market since 2002

From being the first Indian academy to initiate a regular 4 year graduation till the current induction of Intermediate in CGA and Computer Science, we have been a part of the ever changing global creative scenario. We equally understand the needs of various universities along with the need of the student.

Our Global Alumni our strength

Having a strong alumni base in the foreign soil, it makes us feel closer to most of the renowned universities across the globe. We are proud to have shaped the future of most of alumni who have made it big it in some of the best globally renowned universities.
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Career Assessment

Career planning is certainly a challenging phase in the lives of students. There are so many professional alternatives nowadays. It is necessary for a learner to get confused and confused. With the help of online psychometric tests, the journey of the student’s life becomes smoother which aligns with the career interest.

Psychometric Career Assessment

The purpose of a psychometric career assessment exam is to analyze a candidate’s abilities and determine the best career path. It aids in understanding a person’s personality, interests, and ability in both professionals and students and points them in the appropriate route. It will provide you with surefire strategies for directing your future. Any student or professional’s luck can be changed by psychometric tests with the assistance of a career adviser.

Psychometric Assessment at IACG is based on below six dimensions:
  • EQ/IQ

Career Counselling

Psychometric assessment is done for every student as a part of pre counselling activity which take around 30mins to 45mins using a tech platform which is a smarter approach leading us to a correct output without any delays. After the assessment is submitted, the technology will comprehensively analyse each career route and produce a report automatically. All of the career path analysis will be unlocked by our potent artificial intelligence engine. Our expert career advisors at IACG analyzes the report and recommend the most suitable career path from 22 career clusters, 150+ career paths, and 3000+