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Profile Building

Profile Building for Study Abroad is a vital part of our curriculum at IACG. Our commitment is to build a strong profile, provide our students with powerful tools, engage them in extracurricular activities, and develop their areas of expertise so that they can showcase their commitments toward their career goals and reach the doorstep of opportunities.

Workshops & Certifications

These Workshops and Certifications supplement classroom education which helps the students to learn new things and stay ahead in their competition. They also provide practical knowledge equipped with accredited qualifications to advance their career growth and enrich the resumes that can best attract the recruiter’s attention.

Mentorship Programs

Mentorship programs, where young people get first-hand knowledge from accomplished individuals in the same career. At IACG, we provide regular guidance and support like 360-degree psychometric analysis ensuring that students can make informed decisions about their academic and professional future.

International Entrance Exams

We at IACG offer training for SAT, IELTS, and other relevant competitive exams, which cater to students aspiring to secure admissions in prestigious international universities for their under-graduation. And also  offer comprehensive preparation for students who plan to pursue their Graduation within India’s renowned universities or colleges.

Industry Partnerships

Students acquire experience with actual practice work through industry partners, internships, and joint programs. The experiences help them  enhance their individual skills while at the same time serving them with real-time industrial experience.

National Competitions

IACG has been promoting the involvement of its members at the national level. With our support, students participate and showcase their skills, grabbing the opportunities to gain recognition as individuals.

On Job Training

As a part of OJT, we engage our students on live projects under the professional supervision of our production house. An early exposure to the production pipeline in real time, understanding of client needs, and awareness of deadlines, will improve their abilities of being good team players, which can boost their confidence & leadership skills. 

Portfolio Development

Students learn how to build well-curated portfolios, and we guide them effectively to present their skills and demonstrate their competencies, projects, and accomplishments that make them the right choice for the Employer.

International Education Tours

IACG organizes an international education tour for students to give them  a broader perspective of the education and culture of other countries.  We’re not just about education; we’re here empowering students to stand out in the crowd.

On the Market since 2002

From being the first Indian academy to initiate a regular 4 year graduation till the current induction of Intermediate in CGA and Computer Science, we have been a part of the ever-changing global creative scenario. We equally understand the needs of various universities along with the need of the student.

Our Global Alumni our strength

Having a strong alumni base in the foreign soil, it makes us feel closer to most of the renowned universities across the globe. We are proud to have shaped the future of most of alumni who have made it big in some of the best globally renowned universities.
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