IACG Offers Support for Pursuing Graduation Across 22+ Countries & 1600+ Top Notch Universities

Overseas Education

Overseas Admission Process

IACG ensures making the overseas education admission process easier for our students. We offer extensive support throughout the entire process aimed at making the transition to International Universities hassle-free and seamless.

Here’s how we make your dreams of studying abroad a reality:


Choosing the right course is very crucial for any student. Our team of experienced professionals helps you shortlist the course by considering your academic interests and career goals and evaluating potential career opportunities associated with each program.

Shortlisting University

This choice of the right university is therefore important for us. Our team of experienced professionals helps you narrow down the most suitable schools from the list of 1600 universities from 22 countries that match you academically, what you desire, and your future plans.

Document Preparation

It is a jungle of paperwork that confuses anyone! The overseas education department of IACG assists students in understanding and submitting all required documents that are to be submitted to leverage the application to the shortlisted for some of the best universities across the globe.

Apply to

We help you in every step, right from selecting the university that matches your goals to carefully preparing and submitting the applications. We support our students beyond paperwork(including SOPs) and we help them to shape their aspirations, highlighting their strengths and goals.

Financial Planning

Through this process, we guide you through finances such as awards, financial aid, and planning for study abroad on a budget among many other factors that will ensure you can afford what you intend to attain in your mission.


We assist you through the seamless visa application process, providing thorough guidance required for the paperwork. From completing application forms to structuring essential financials and gathering required documents, we make the visa process easy for you.

Visa Processing

Obtaining a student visa is a crucial stage. We walk you through the visa application process, make sure that the required documents are in order, and stay with you until you confirm receipt of the visa.


Your protection is important to us. At IACG with the help of Amber, UniAcco, and Casita, you can choose the right accommodations within your budget considering the highest standards of security, hygiene, and comfort.

Other Services

Our wide-ranging service takes care of every aspect of your travel arrangements. From handling seamless fee payments to ensuring hassle-free ticketing, we assist in currency exchange to simplify your financial needs abroad. We extend our services in arranging travel and medical insurance coverage.

On the Market since 2002

From being the first Indian academy to initiate a regular 4 year graduation till the current induction of Intermediate in CGA and Computer Science, we have been a part of the ever-changing global creative scenario. We equally understand the needs of various universities along with the need of the student.

Our Global Alumni our strength

Having a strong alumni base in the foreign soil, it makes us feel closer to most of the renowned universities across the globe. We are proud to have shaped the future of most of alumni who have made it big in some of the best globally renowned universities.
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