Explore Excellence At Hyderabad's
Premier Intermediate College

Explore Excellence At Hyderabad's
Premier Intermediate College

Our 20+ Years Of Journey in Education & Production Services

Intermediate at IACG

Looking for the best intermediate colleges in Hyderabad with Career Counselling for 11th and 12th grade, especially for courses like CGA (Computer Graphics & Animation), and CSE (Computer Science Engineering)? Look no further than IACG – the “Best Intermediate Colleges in Hyderabad with Career Counselling“. When it comes to the intermediate colleges in Hyderabad, IACG stands out as its a unique program tailored to students aspiring to graduate from top-notch National or International Universities/Colleges. Our 2-year program, “Intermediate at IACG,” is not only accredited by the Telangana State Board of Intermediate & Institute of Vocational Education but also offers a comprehensive package to nurture your academic and professional ambitions.

Global Opportunities

If you aim to pursue undergraduate studies at foreign universities, IACG which is the best intermediate college in Hyderabad with Career Counselling will open doors to renowned universities worldwide. We provide access to a wide array of global academic standards, helping you envision a brighter future on an international stage.

Career Counselling

At IACG, we understand that choosing the right career path is crucial. That's why we conduct a 360-Degree Psychometric analysis at regular intervals along with a Skill Ability test to identify your strengths and capabilities. Our dedicated career counsellors recommend applicable career paths, ensuring you make informed decisions

Specialization in

For students interested in CGA (Computer Graphics & Animation) and CSE (Computer Science Engineering) courses, IACG offers specialized support and career guidance. We help you prepare for these challenging fields and guide you towards your dream to study abroad.

Skill Enhancement

To set you apart from the crowd, we provide a wide range of skill-grounded workshops and certifications. These programs not only enhance your skill but also help you to build a strong portfolio, making you a standout candidate for your dream destination.

If you’re in search of the best intermediate colleges in Hyderabad with Career Counselling, especially for CGA & CSE courses, IACG offers a holistic educational experience. Our focus on career counseling, global opportunities, and skill enhancement ensures that you’re well-prepared for success in both academics as well as your chosen career path. Join us at IACG, where your ambitions meet excellence.

Career Assessment
Skilling &

Why IACG is Unique Academy?

Best Intermediate College
in Hyderabad

IACG as Industrial Academy

Our 20+ Years of Journey in
Education Production Services
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Our Recent Contributions

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Workshops & Certifications

Microsoft Office Certification
Workshop on Short Film Making
Workshop on Ethical Hacking
Workshop on AI Applications
Creative Photography & Photo Manipulation Workshop
Portrait & Caricature Workshop
Workshop on UI & UX Design
2D Figure Drawing & Anatomy Certification
Workshop on Perspective & Landscape Designing
Game Art 2D & 3D Certification
Workshop on Motion Graphics, Audio & Video Editing
Workshop on Digital Marketing
Workshop on Game Art & Design Development
C Sharp Certification program by Harvard University
Workshop on Web Designing
Workshop on Unity Engine

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Why IACG is Unique Academy?


We are an Industrial Academy, always young & dynamic with a futuristic vision.

  • Education is a holistic service for us, we believe in delivering quality rather than quantity, with limited seats per year.
  • In this dynamic world, knowledge is everywhere but unfortunately, students have equally more distractions;  We believe the current scenario demands more personal & professional attention to motivate the students to stay focused.
  • With 20+ years of our academic experience, we have mastered student psychology and now we are more of a Mentor than a Teacher.
  • To help students accomplish their goals, our certified career counselors & Industry experts will provide guidance at regular intervals.
  • After 10th in general students are confused to pick the right career path . With our multidimensional Scientific & Psychometric assistance we help them to find out their Most Suitable Career Path Out of 22+ Career Clusters, 160 + Career Paths, and 3000+ Occupations.
  • Intermediate in CGA is the best choice as it allows you to easily score high and provides access to SAT & IELTS to gain a high GPA. Also building a strong portfolio enables them to gain the highest scholarships provided by the top-notch international universities at graduation level.
  • This program will skill them with the latest Design applications along with 20+ skill enhancement programs by which they will gain confidence to do blue-collar jobs / Freelance rather than doing odd jobs while pursuing their graduation.
  • With our cutting-edge technological student dashboard, we help students explore and choose from 1600+ top-notch global universities along with the IVY League & elite universities.
  • We help the student with the admission process across 22+ countries and assist them till they reach their dream destination. KNOW MORE….

IACG as Industrial Academy

Our 20+ Years of Journey in Education Production Services

In 2002, a group of forward-thinking graduates from BITS PILANI came together to form what has now become known as IACG – The Industrial Academy. Our journey has been one of passion and relentless dedication towards providing top-quality education in Arts and technology.

As INDIA’s pioneer academy to offer full-time graduate and postgraduate multimedia degrees through JNTUH, we take immense pride in being innovators. Our specialties span Animation, VFX, Gaming Film Making UI & UX Art Design.

But our story didn’t begin there. Long before IACG came into being, we established ourselves as an extraordinary production powerhouse, setting standards of excellence across various production services. From intricate Defense simulations to adding magical Animation & VFX effects for TVCs and live-action movies – every step was marked by creative excellence and technical mastery.

At Creative Arts Studios, our passion lies in exploring the ever-evolving methodologies and technologies within Creative Arts. We embrace new challenges, pushing the limits of what’s possible within production houses.

Behind the scenes, our strength lies in a formidable production-based administrative team and an experienced and versatile staff; all backed up by state-of-the-art infrastructure designed specifically to serve both academic and production needs. This synergy has been the cornerstone of our enduring success.

At IACG, we are more than an academy; we’re an incubator of creativity and innovation. Join us on this extraordinary journey where boundaries become mere starting points and creativity knows no limits! Discover the art of possibility at IACG where creativity finds a home!