Discover Your Home Away from Home: Navigating the Best Student Accommodations Abroad!



IACG’s Study Abroad Accommodation program simplifies the overseas education admission process, offering tailored housing solutions for our students’ convenience. We offer extensive support throughout the entire process aimed at making the transition to international universities hassle-free and seamless. Here’s how we make your dreams of studying abroad a reality: However, our services at IACG extend beyond academics to ensure your overseas studies experience with us is pleasant and educational. With our accommodation support, we strive to give you peace of mind and ensure a comfortable merrier living as you journey to another world studying abroad.

Accommodation Selection Expertise

Our students get an understanding of how to choose appropriate accommodations they can afford and that meet most of their needs. It will provide information on choosing within OF CAMPUS, OFF CAMPUS or LIVING WITH LOCAL FAMILIES.

Collaboration for Accommodation

The dynamic combination of IACG using Amber, UniAcco, Casita ensures high standard accommodation assistance. The arrangement gives you the opportunity to visit different high-class hotels.

Safe & Comfortable Living Spaces

It is equally important for one to come up with all the documents that may be required of him or her for a successful education loan application. We help you prepare and present all relevant documents, making sure that your application is submitted properly and promptly with no hindrances.

Transparent Pricing and Budgeting

We provide our customers with pricing transparency as well as help them with budgeting in supporting their accommodation. Our team assists in making financial informed decisions so as to guide one select affordable house.

Accessibility and Convenience

When it comes to helping you choose a place to stay we are keen on things like closeness to campus, transport possibilities, and extras. We aim at making your everyday tasks less cumbersome.


We promote initiatives and activities that enable students to interact with each other and establish communal relationships in their homes. You will find that these connections can enhance your stay out of your country.

On the Market since 2002

From being the first Indian academy to initiate a regular 4 year graduation till the current induction of Intermediate in CGA and Computer Science, we have been a part of the ever-changing global creative scenario. We equally understand the needs of various universities along with the need of the student.

Our Global Alumni our strength

Having a strong alumni base in the foreign soil, it makes us feel closer to most of the renowned universities across the globe. We are proud to have shaped the future of most of alumni who have made it big in some of the best globally renowned universities.
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