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Test Preparation

Success in today’s competitive environment often depends on one’s ability to excel at standardized tests and assessments. IACG’s comprehensive Test Preparation program equips you with all of the skills and confidence required when attending exams to go abroad along with the Profile building process to build the best portfolios, Career guidance for choosing the right path, and get yourself ready to join the best graduation courses after 12th.


Study Abroad Test Preparation

IACG’s Study Abroad Test Preparation includes training of IELTS, and SAT to achieve success in their exams with our proven strategies. With the SAT exam and English Proficiency Tests – IELTS, along with various other
inter-competitive exams across the globe, we mentor our students. Hence IACG students are more likely to receive good scholarships and gain admission to top universities and schools with high test scores.
The Common Standardized Tests That Students Can Take For

Graduation Abroad Include

The exams you need to take will depend on the country, course, and university you are applying to. It is essential to research the university’s entrance requirements. We understand a student’s requirements and the global scenario and thus, IACG not only helps you prepare for Exams to go abroad but also allows you to choose the best graduation course after 12th.


The SAT is a standardized test widely used for undergraduate admissions in the United States. It assesses a student's readiness for college-level education.


IELTS is a standardized test used to assess a student's proficiency in the English language. It is widely accepted by universities & colleges in English-speaking countries.
The Standardized Tests That Students Can Take For

Graduation at National Level

Students with their creative and intuitive strengths, have diverse graduation options Nationally . We train students for  test preparation to go gain admission in; NID, NIFT, UCEED, AIEED, IIAD & More. Students who choose CGA may excel in Fields Such as Visual Arts, Graphic Design, Music Composition, Creative Writing, Psychology, Sociology, Business Administration, Architecture, Photography, Direction, Cinematography, Animation, VFX, Game Art & Design, Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, AR, VR & MR and Film Studies. Additionally, they might Pursue Careers in Advertising, Digital Marketing, User Experience Design, or Entrepreneurship. The key is to leverage their unique abilities and passions in finding fulfilling academic and career paths..

On the Market since 2002

From being the first Indian academy to initiate a regular 4 year graduation till the current induction of Intermediate in CGA and Computer Science, we have been a part of the ever-changing global creative scenario. We equally understand the needs of various universities along with the need of the student.

Our Global Alumni our strength

Having a strong alumni base in the foreign soil, it makes us feel closer to most of the renowned universities across the globe. We are proud to have shaped the future of most of alumni who have made it big in some of the best globally renowned universities.
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