Scholarships Abroad

What about you getting scholarships abroad while you are still doing your graduation, that too in some of the renowned universities across the globe. It would be a dream come true to many of the young students, who have given their 100% to be there at the pinnacle.

The fact remains that many universities both National & International provide a good amount of scholarships for students who excel in their area of expertise. You have a hand that can carve art with impeccable grace or are you the one who has a flair to design / develop gaming content or do you have the technical edge over your fellow students. If your answer to all the above is yes; then yes there are universities across the globe who encourage your talent and support you with their learning methodologies & scholarships for your intent to achieve mastery.

If you are an Indian student who seeks to study with the help of scholarships abroad in one of the finest universities, then this is your chance to achieve your aim. IACG with the support of its educational partners provides you a well crafted course structure, which enables you to enhance your existing skill by adding more creative & innovative content to it.

Come join us and explore the global career platform which holds an abundance of opportunities.

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