The new age of Career Counselling

Imagine choosing a career for oneself in a world that is a candy box filled with the most relishing and colourful options. Now, how does a 10th grade student choose the right career path? This is a frequently asked question and one that confuses individuals.

To support the cause and provide a solution for those who are confused, IACG has come up with a career counselling platform that speaks about a vast range of domestic and international universities and colleges that provide expertise in numerous areas for students.

Functionally, career counselling comes in many stages of;

  • Understanding the interest of the student
  • Taking them through various levels of assessments
  • Providing them with the look and feel of how the right career path helps them to be a professional
  • Supporting the student in developing their personality according to the career path chosen
  • Supporting them to build a strong profile that speaks volumes about their area of expertise
  • Making them choose from a wide range of universities across the globe
  • Supporting them in concluding the admission process

Every element mentioned above has its own uniqueness and can fine tune an individual’s career for his/her decent future. Skill based learning is the mantra of the new era, and IACG’s career counselling platform is sure to boost your innate skills and make you an achiever.

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