What After 12/Inter CGA?

We have heard stories about artists who were born to rule the world of creativity. The world has time and again witnessed the transformation of different genres of art through the eyes of both experienced and young artists. Today’s young artists know and understand that art is a continuously evolving process, and choosing the right course after high school will definitely support their artistic career.

According to sources, in the coming years, CGA will create huge opportunities for creative students to join art colleges and / Universities in India and abroad. And a significant rise in the number of students who wish to complete their undergraduate studies at various prestigious universities and colleges on the domestic and international level will occur.

A well crafted syllabus by the industry experts and scholars of the Telangana Board of Intermediate, makes the CGA the right course for your creative journey. So now you do not have to rethink joining CGA, as it already comes with bundled opportunities and a well laid academic path for you.

Step on, join the CGA revolution.

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