What is an Academic Transcript?

An Academic Transcript is a document required to be submitted while applying to universities for higher education, it’s quite common to submit many documents to the university. One such important document that is to be submitted is Academic Transcripts. In this blog, we will explain to you the importance of it, what a transcript contains, and how to request it.

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What is an Academic Transcript?

An Academic transcript is an official document that educational institutions provide and it includes students’ academic performance and achievements. These transcripts are official records provided in sealed and authenticated format directly from the educational institution and they are requested for university/college admissions and all situations where an overview of the individual educational history is needed. Both domestic and international universities require transcripts as a part of their application process.

What segments does it have?

The information that is provided in the Transcripts are:

  • Name of the Student
  • Roll number of the student
  • Name of the Educational Institute
  • Name of the Program and degree information
  • Duration of the Program
  • Name of the Subjects
  • Marks Obtained in each Subject
  • Total marks/grades in all the subjects
  • Confirmation of completing a degree
  • Name of the Board

Importance of Academic Transcripts

The importance of the Transcripts is as follows

Admissions to Higher Education:

Universities/Colleges require these transcripts as a part of their admission process. The  Admissions Committee assesses Students’ Academic background and eligibility for the related course of study.

To Avail Employment Opportunities:

Transcripts serve as proof of evidence of a candidate’s skills and qualifications. Employers request transcripts while assessing job applications to check whether the candidate is qualified for the job.

Scholarship Applications:

While applying for Scholarships, these transcripts provide evidence of the student’s achievements academically and decide that are eligible for financial support.

Visa application Documentation:

When applying for a study visa these transcripts are required to demonstrate a student’s academic background and eligibility in the targeted course of study.

Certification Programs:

There are Certification programs where the transcripts are to be submitted before applying for the program.

Other names of it:

Other names that people often refer to are

  • Educational Records
  • Academic Records
  • Student Transcripts
  • School Records
  • University Transcripts
  • Official Academic Documents
  • College Transcripts
  • Educational Transcripts
  • Transcript of Academic Achievements

Different types of it:

There are 2 types of transcripts. Official Academic Transcripts and Unofficial Academic Transcripts. Official transcripts come with an official seal or stamp and in a sealed envelope. It includes a signature from a school official like the Registrar. The Unofficial transcripts lack official seal and signatures of higher authority. Only Official transcripts are valid educational proof of academic achievement.

How do you request an Academic transcript?

Students should request for the College Transcripts from their previous/current educational institution. The administrative office or the Registrar’s office is mostly responsible for issuing School Records. The institution processes the request and issues the transcripts verifying whether it is an official document and sealed. Students can then add these Academic records when applying to universities. Otherwise, these Academic records are directly sent to the universities to which students apply.


University Transcripts are important documents that students need to submit to universities as a part of the admission process. Universities assess students’ academic achievements and check whether they fulfill the eligibility requirements.

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