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Secure Your Child's Future with Our Proven Path to In-Demand Skills

Relieve the Anxiety of Uncertain Career Prospects

Within 60 minutes, we will show you the simple path to get rid of the anxiety of uncertain career prospects and equip your child with the skills needed to secure their future.

Consultation Fee: ₹ 5000/-

Total Counselled: 5,835 Students

Who is this Course For

Those parents who worry about their child’s career choices and seek solutions to ensure their child’s success and financial stability abroad.

Those parents who aspire to provide their children with an international education and global exposure.

Those parents who are deeply concerned about their child’s future career prospects and want them to excel in a competitive job market.

What will you Get?

Empowering Your Journey from High School to World-Class Universities Abroad.

Wide range of Career Paths

Choice to explore a wide range of career options early on. This exploration will help you & your child to identify their interests and passions, reducing the fear of uncertainty in career choices. Our skilled courses in cutting-edge AI-based technologies can provide a strong foundation, enabling them to adapt to various career paths and domains.

Skill Enhancement

Besides academics, focus on building practical skills. Our 10,000+ skill courses can teach your child valuable skills that make it easier to find part time jobs while learning itself. This can ease your worries about their employment prospects.

Career Guidance

Periodic guidance from our expert career analysts who specialize in subject-relevant areas. They can provide personalized advice and help your child set achievable milestones, reducing the uncertainty surrounding career choices.

Consultation Fee: ₹ 5000/-

Total Counselled: 5,835 Students

How is this program different?

IACG has been providing holistic industry based training in Design & Technology since 22 years and our expertise lies in the AAA strategy we follow


How is this program different?

IACG has been providing holistic industry based training since 22 years and our expertise lies in the AAA strategy we follow;

We conduct a comprehensive 360° assessment to boost your child’s confidence and clarity in their career choice. This assessment considers their interests, abilities, and personality, helping them make informed decisions and overcome peer and parental expectations.

Our services offer personalized guidance from certified expert career analysts and insights from industry leaders. This ensures that your child receives tailored advice and the latest industry knowledge, addressing concerns about limited information.

Our courses offer not only education but also practical skill development and financial support. With skill-based courses and on-the-job training, students can secure part-time white-collar jobs abroad, easing financial worries and fears of uncertainty.


Join the community of achievers! Thousands of students like you have trusted IACG and are now thriving in their chosen universities. Your success story is next!

Frequently Asked Questions

IACG provides personalized career counseling sessions, helping students identify their strengths, interests, and goals. We guide them towards suitable educational paths aligned with their aspirations.

Our team offers comprehensive support to enhance academic profiles. This includes advice on selecting relevant courses, extracurricular activities, and strategies to strengthen academic records.

IACG organizes skill development workshops, language proficiency classes, and other training programs to equip students with the necessary skills for success in their chosen field of study.

We provide guidance on creating impressive portfolios, showcasing academic achievements, projects, and extracurricular activities. This aids students in presenting a well-rounded profile to prospective universities.

Through personalized counseling sessions, we analyze your aspirations, interests, and skills, tailoring advice to align with your unique career objectives.

IACG conducts mock interviews, offering valuable feedback to students. This preparation helps them gain confidence and effectively communicate their motivations and aspirations during actual university interviews.

Yes, IACG provides guidance on available scholarships, financial aid options, and assists in preparing budget plans. We aim to make studying abroad financially feasible for our students.

We offer cultural orientation sessions, helping students adapt to the new environment. This includes insights into local customs, social norms, and practical tips for a smooth transition.

Yes, our support extends beyond admissions. We assist with accommodation, settling-in procedures, and ongoing guidance to ensure students have a positive and successful experience abroad.

IACG offers comprehensive post-graduation career counseling, helping students leverage their international education for career advancement. We provide guidance on job searches, networking, and skill application in the local job market.

Our experts thoroughly evaluate students’ preferences and academic goals to suggest a curated list of top universities and colleges globally. We consider factors such as location, course offerings, and campus culture.

Consultation Fee: ₹ 5000/-

Total Counselled: 5,835 Students

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