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IACG Intermediate.

The ultimate alternative for the regular 10+2/ Intermediate courses.
Career Counseling + Test Preparation + Skill Enhancment + Personality
Development + Profile Building + Overseas Education = IACG Intermediate.

Profile Building for study abroad

Worried About Your Child's Career Choices After 10th Grade?

Intermediate Career Counseling

Unveiling Potential - Our Signature 360° Student Psychometric Assessment

Our expert certified Career Counselors will interact and deeply analyze your child’s Personality, Interest, Learning Style, Core Value Motivators, EQ/IQ, Skills & Abilities; to understand where he/she is a left brainer or right brainer. Accordingly, in pursuit of a higher GPA, they suggest them with Intermediate in CSE or CGA. Accredited by the Telangana State Board of Intermediate & Institute of Vocational Education.

INTERMEDIATE in Computer Science & Engineering

This emphasizes logic, analysis, and detail-oriented thinking..

INTERMEDIATE in Computer Graphics & Animation

This emphasizes creativity, intuition, and holistic thinking..

Who is This Program For?

Students about to complete 10th grade, gearing up for 11th grade with the goal of  gaining admission to leading National and International Universities for their undergraduate studies

Those who want to pursue undergrad in Elite Global Universities in 22 countries.

Excel well at competitive exams of top notch National Design & Media Schools

Those aiming for a high GPA in Intermediate or 10+2 coupled with a strong SAT score.

Who aspire to upskill his/her inner abilities and refine their personalities to excel globally.

Who needs expert guidance in building their profile to gain high International scholarships.

Those who need expert guidance in building their Art Portfolio for M&E Institutions.

Who want to skill themselves with the latest trends of AI Generative applications

Who wants to make innovative content and become an influencer /future filmmaker

Who wants to be in sync with the futuristic courses of Cyber Security, Ethical hacking…..

Who wants to convert their passion of playing Games into strengths to create them.

Someone who is looking for a trusted Overseas educational partner.

Who wants skill themselves with latest technology & trends to  Earn while Learning.



Acquire Skills and Achieve Excellence : 10,000+ Future ready Courses at your
finger tips.

Forge your Identity and Shape your Destiny: Portfolio Development, International certificates, OJT…..

Nurture Yourself and Thrive Strong: Controlling Emotions, Fitness, Mindfulness, Heartfulness…..

Break Boundaries to Access Elite Global Universities : 1600+ Universities across 22 Countries.


20 Years completed to IACG

IACG – International Academy of Computer Graphics,  a valued mentor, choice-enabler and career catalyst. The India’s first Multimedia college to offer a full-time 4 years UG  and 2 years PG programs with varied specializations such as Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming, Film Making, Art & Design and Graphic Designing. We are proud to be India’s first academy certified by THE ROOKIES, a global accreditation body ranking among the top 68 global creative media schools. Also, we are Asia’s first academic partner for Unreal Engine.We have been successfully striving as the market leader in the Media & Entertainment Industry for the last 22 years, by providing highest quality services in Education & Production. 

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Recent Contribution of IACG - The best intermediate college

Our Values Lead The Way


Experts Opinion About IACG

“Mr. SS Rajamouli has proven how vision and commitment can form an exotic combination; to deliver larger than life stories. He expressed his happiness about IACG in delivering a strong production proven training.“

Why Choose IACG

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this course differs from traditional course ?

Intermediate in CGA/CSE emphasizes technology-focused subjects like programming and graphic design, preparing students for careers in gaming, animation, and software development.

What are the other services offered by IACG along with Intermediate ?

IACG offers a pool of unique future ready programs including; Skill enhancement, Career guidance, Test Preparation & Profile building.

What are the competitive examinations IACG will train you for ?

We prepare the students for various National & International Examinations.

Do you provide Financial Aid for students to study abroad ?

Yes we assist the student with financial planning by providing them details of the Education Loan Details Living expenses, Budgeting, Tuition Fee.

Is it certified by the Telangana Board of Intermediate ?

Yes it is certified by the Telangana board of intermediate.

Are there any scholarships for the students ?

IACG assists students with different types of scholarships provided by National & Global Universities along with their eligibility criteria.

Are you tied up with any university / College, in INDIA & Abroad ?

Yes, IACG has access to over 1600 Universities domestic and international.

What is the process of Career Guidance followed at IACG ?

Our career guidance program is a 2 step process for selecting a particular career option. Our expert mentors conduct a 360 degree psychometric test based on student personality, interest, learning styles, values, skills and abilities. Accordingly we suggest them to pursue CGA/CSE in Intermediate.

Unlock your full potential with our innovative intermediate curriculum integrated with career guidance, skill enhancement and profile building courses, test preparation and study abroad assistance.

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