Are you struggling to find the right
Intermediate Course with High GPA ?

Choose the right  course after your 10th Grade…
  • Widespread career opportunities in the media & entertainment industry.
  • Stream Selection, higher GPAs,Competitive exams, shortlisting universities, Documentation Process
  • Best alternative to the regular intermediate course.

Are you Struggling to

Choose a Right Career Path Score High GPA Build a Good Portfolio Choose the Right Intermediate Aligns with your Passion

After 10th?


Are you confused to choose right career path that aligns with your interests & abilities? 

Join our tailored program, crafted to enhance both your skills and profile, offering a holistic solution for your academic journey.

Explore your potential with our expert guidance. Make the right academic and professional Choice. Intermediate + Career Guidance  = Core Graduation.

Do you want to pursue undergraduation in top notch global universities ? Do you want to discover the secret for graduation abroad?

If you are someone who wants to study in your desired international universities  then, IACG is the ultimate guide for the overseas admission process. 

IACG provides training programs for test preparation like SAT, IELTS and PTE  simultaneously with academics.

Are you lagging behind the right set of skills in this competitive world ?
Worried about designing a professional portfolio ? 

Our workshops and certifications help  our students to have practical exposure along with academics and  help  them in developing their skills.

Boost Your Chances of Getting into Top Global Universities by Strengthening Your Portfolio with Our Intermediate + SAT + Advanced Skill Program.

  • Professional Career Assessment 
  • 360 degree psychometric tests
  • Access to 22+ career clusters, 150+ career paths and 3000+ occupations.
  • Training for National and International competitive exams.
  • Preparation  for SAT,IELTS,PTE,CAT,MAT,UCEED.
  • Performance evaluation & Continuous Mentorship.
  • National & International Certifications: AI generative,Machine learning,Ethical hacking,Programming  and more…
  • Unique Workshops: Storyboarding, Digital Marketing, Film Making and More…
  • Live & recorded sessions on Foreign languages.
  • Mentorship programs,national and international competitions.
  • OJT( On the job training)
  • Industry visits
  • International educational trips
  • Overseas Admission process
  • Shortlisting universities and documentation process
  • Access to 22 countries and more than 1600 renowned universities
  • Financial planning and budget estimation
  • Accommodation




10,000 Certifications Worth 1 cr
AI Generative
Machine Learning
Cyber Security
800+ Expert Counselors

Our CGA Course boasts an exceptional syllabus tailored specifically for today’s creative environment – everything from fundamental building blocks to intermediate design and graphic elements are covered here .Inter CGA is the ideal starting point to pursue various specializations from; VFX, Gaming, Art Design Technology or Business Administration at leading national and international universities.

Our CGA Course boasts an exceptional syllabus tailored specifically for today’s creative environment – everything from fundamental building blocks to intermediate design and graphic elements are covered here .Inter CGA is the ideal starting point to pursue various specializations from; VFX, Gaming, Art Design Technology or Business Administration at leading national and international universities.


Overseas Admission Process
  • IACG ensures making the overseas education admission process easier for our students.Our team of experienced professionals help you narrow down to the most suitable schools matching your profile.
  • We have access to over 22 countries and over 1600 of the world’s best institutions which can help you to choose the best among the renowned global universities.
  • We assist students in submitting all required documents and walk you through the visa application process, ensuring that the required documents are in order.
Financial Aid
  • Financial aid is an integral part of international education planning at IACG. We will be helping them with personalized financial planning.
  • We guide them regarding the educational loan process, their eligibility criteria and help them with the information required for documentation.
  • We will provide them the estimated budget information which includes tuition fees, living expenses etc. We also offer information about different types of scholarships available to them which suits their profile.
  • Our services at IACG extend beyond academics to ensure your overseas studies experience with us is pleasant.
  • Your protection and well-being are important to us. We help you find the right accommodations that comply with the highest standards of security, hygiene, and comfort.
  • When it comes to helping you choose a place to stay we are keen on things like closeness to campus, transport possibilities, and extras.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it is certified by the Telangana board of intermediate.

Intermediate in CGA/CSE offers specialized education in computer graphics, animation, and engineering, distinct from traditional courses. It emphasizes technology-focused subjects like programming and graphic design, preparing students for careers in gaming, animation, and software development. With hands-on experiences and industry connections, it equips students for success in dynamic fields like computer science, engineering, animation, and gaming.

Please refer to the Program section for the detailed curriculum.

 We prepare the students for various National & International Examinations.

Yes, IACG has access to over 1600 Universities domestic and international.

IACG assists students with different types of scholarships provided by National & Global Universities along with their eligibility criteria.

IACG offers a pool of unique future ready programs including; Skill enhancement, Career guidance, Test Preparation & Profile building.

Yes, we assist you with understanding the documentation and visa interview.

Yes we assist students with details of decent accommodation options, ensuring their safety and affordability.

Yes we assist the student with financial planning by providing them details of the Education Loan Details Living expenses, Budgeting, Tuition Fee

Please visit the campus for the detailed information on the fee structure.

Choosing Intermediate in CGA/CSE is like starting with a solid foundation for your academic journey, especially if you’re interested in fields like Engineering, VFX, Gaming, Art Design Technology, or Business Administration at top universities worldwide. It’s like taking the first big step towards a bright future. Specifically, Intermediate in CGA/CSE helps you get into the exciting world of computer science and technology, where you can explore roles like Game Developer, Programmer, Game Designer, Concept Artist, 3-D Modeler, Video-Editor, Graphic Designer, and more. It’s like opening a door to endless opportunities in these fascinating areas.

Career guidance is super important for 10th graders because it helps ease the stress and worry they feel about what comes next after school. They’re often unsure about what they’re good at or what they want to do in the future, and there are so many options that it can feel really overwhelming. Good guidance helps them figure things out, explore different careers, and choose the right path for them.

 Choosing a perfect career option is the most crucial step. It should align with the interest and passion of an individual. Our career guidance program is a 2 step process for selecting a particular career option. The first step is career assessment. Here, our expert mentors conduct a 360 degree  psychometric test based on student personality , interest , learning styles, values ,skills and abilities. After the test results are out, reports are prepared and analyzed by our expert counselor and then the counselor provides the most suitable career path among 22 career clusters, 150+ career paths and 3000+  occupations.


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